Program: Engineering Year: First

What do you see in the Mirror?

On her hand lay her life's most cherished life lessons. That of love, positivity and impact. She always knew love had immense power; much more than hate. Love can motivate us to build so much more than we all can ever fathom. She spread love through kindness, humility and treating everyone with dignity. An offspring of love is positivity. Being genuinely and consistently happy was and will continue to remain her lifetime ambition. She knows that she is pleased when people around her were smiling. To realize this goal, she often used the priceless power of humor in her speech. When she used the two aforementioned ingredients, she touched lives. Leaving her mark on this world is how she often defined her journey. By altruistically spreading exuberance, she eventually found herself as a self-loving teenager. Through the trials and tribulations of life she learned that making light of stressful situations not only relieved the people around her but most importantly put her at ease. True to her name, Soumya, was and will always be bubbly and giving herself unconditionally to teach the living how to live again.