Program: Business Management Year: Second

What do you see in the Mirror?

When I look in the mirror I usually don’t see anything below my collarbone as I am a tad taller than most people who hang mirrors tend to anticipate. If you’re wondering why I am sitting for my picture, now you know.

When I look in the mirror I don’t see a resume or transcript, I see me. My GPA is not pasted across my face, nor is my position emblazoned across my chest. I am reminded that while ambition is great, this is what people see, and to be honest no one really cares what you do or what you fail at. While it may be deafening inside your head, no one else can hear it.

As I crouch down to see myself in mirrors I am reminded of the times I had to stand on the toilet seat just to see my chubby, snot-nosed little face in them as a kid. I’m reminded of how much I’ve grown (vertically and personally) and how much I will grow (hopefully only personally). I am reminded that this is not where I stop, that I have much more to accomplish, and that no one is right to retire of the work they did yesterday. I am reminded that there is always a tomorrow the prepare for.