Program - Business Management

Year: First

What do you see in the Mirror?

In the mirror, I see someone who has been broken down in life but has mended through a love for poetry. Someone who finds expression by immersing himself in verse. His suit marks his ambitions for the future—the goals he will use to carve a path to success. His reflection—a trail of mistakes and struggle, all of which define the person he is today. His grin; faint. Although others may show him doubt and question, he knows they have another thing coming.

In his hands, a poetry book. But not any book: Milk and Honey, written from the brilliant mind of Rupi Kaur. This collection of poems – they mend his soul, spark his inspiration. Poetry is not his hobby or interest, it is his identity.

“Inside Voices” by Paolo Hermogenes

when all else is silent,
it is our heads that are the
of all.