Program: Business Management Year: Fourth

What do you see in the Mirror?

When I look in the mirror what I see is progression. I see who I was and who I’m becoming all at the same time. The mirror for me is a time of reflection on my reflection. I see a young Luther, an inquisitive Malcom. I see a poet like Pac and flow as smooth as Biggie. I see excellence that can dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee. I see the finesse of Jordan with the passion of Rasheed. I see the living embodiment of style and versatility. I see a young prince fresh as can be. I see more life and rich African history. I see the lights a young man making history. I see real life; the struggle and the mystery. I see long nights because success doesn’t come easily. When I look in the mirror, I feel real nice, good vibes and positivity.